A selected set of serverless workflows

The structure of this repo a directory per workflow at the root. Each folder contains at least:

  • the configuration item specific for the workflow app itself.
  • ${workflow}.sw.yaml the serverless workflow definitions.
  • specs/ optional folder with OpenAPI specs if the flow needs them.

All .svg can be ignored, there’s no real functional use for them in deployment and all of them are created by VSCode extension. TODO remove all svg and gitignore them.

Every workflow has a matching container image pushed to by a github workflows in the form of${workflow}.

Current image statuses:

After image publishing, github action will generate kubernetes manifests and push a PR to the workflows helm chart repo under a directory matching the workflow name. This repo is used to deploy the workflows to an environment with Sonataflow operator running.

To introduce a new workflow

  1. create a folder under the root with the name of the flow, e.x /onboarding
  2. copy, onboarding.sw.yaml into that folder
  3. create a github workflow file .github/workflows/${workflow}.yaml that will call main workflow (see greeting.yaml)
  4. create a pull request but don’t merge yet.
  5. Send a pull request to the helm chart repo to add a sub-chart under the path charts/workflows/charts/onboarding. You can copy the greeting sub-chart directory and files.
  6. Create a PR to serverless-workflows-config and make sure its merge.
  7. Now the PR from 4 can be merged and an automatic PR will be created with the generated manifests. Review and merge.

See Continuous Integration with make for implementation details of the CI pipeline.

Builder image

There are two builder images under ./pipeline folder:

  • workflow-builder-dev.Dockerfile - references nightly build image from that doesn’t required any authorization
  • workflow-builder.Dockerfile - references OpenShift Serverless Logic builder image from which requires authorization.
    • To use this dockerfile locally, you must be logged to To get access to that registry, follow:
      1. Get tokens here. Once logged in to podman, you should be able to pull the image.
      2. Verify pulling the image here

Note on CI: On each merge under a workflow directory a matching github workflow executes an image build, generating manifests and a PR create on the helm chart repo. The credentials of this repo are an org level secret, and the content is from a token on the helm repo with an expiry period of 60 days. Currently only the repo owner (rgolangh) can recreate the token. This should be revised.

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