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1 - MTA Analysis

MTA - migration analysis workflow


This workflow is an assessment workflow type, that invokes an application analysis workflow using MTA and returns the move2kube workflow reference, to run next if the analysis is considered to be successful.

Users are encouraged to use this workflow as self-service alternative for interacting with the MTA UI. Instead of running a mass-migration of project from a managed place, the project stakeholders can use this (or automation) to regularly check the cloud-readiness compatibility of their code.


  • repositoryUrl [mandatory] - the git repo url to examine
  • recipients [mandatory] - A list of recipients for the notification in the format of user:<namespace>/<username> or group:<namespace>/<groupname>, i.e. user:default/jsmith.


  1. On completion the workflow returns an options structure in the exit state of the workflow (also named variables in SonataFlow) linking to the move2kube workflow that will generate k8s manifests for container deployment.
  2. When the workflow completes there should be a report link on the exit state of the workflow (also named variables in SonataFlow) Currently this is working with MTA version 6.2.x and in the future 7.x version the report link will be removed or will be made optional. Instead of an html report the workflow will use a machine friendly json file.


  • MTA version 6.2.x or Konveyor 0.2.x

    • For OpenShift install MTA using the OperatorHub, search for MTA. Documentation is here
    • For Kubernetes install Konveyor with olm
      kubectl create -f

Runtime configuration

mta.urlhttp://mta-ui.openshift-mta.svc.cluster.local:8080Endpoint (with protocol and port) for MTA${mta.url}/hubMTA hub api${BACKSTAGE_NOTIFICATIONS_URL:http://backstage-backstage.rhdh-operator/api/notifications/}Backstage notification url for the MTA api for the MTA api

All the configuration items are on [./]

Workflow Diagram

mta workflow diagram