Escalation With ServiceNow

An escalation workflow integrated with ServiceNow using SonataFlow.

Workflow diagram

Escalation with serviceNow workflow diagram


  • An available ServiceNow instance with admin credentials.
  • Prerequisite data being available on ServiceNow instance with setup instructions found here
  • Janus-idp notifications service is deployed and functionally running with instructions found here.

Specifics about Notifications service

  • Add the manager user in notifications-backend/users.yaml and your file could look something like this
kind: User
  name: guest
    displayName: Guest User
  memberOf: []
kind: User
  name: manager
    displayName: Manager Approver User
  memberOf: []
  • Restart the notifications service
yarn start:backstage
  • Be sure the create notification call from the command line works successfully.
curl -X POST http://localhost:7007/api/notifications/notifications -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"title": "My message title", "message": "I have nothing to say", "origin": "my-origin", "targetUsers": ["default/manager"]}' | jq '.'
  • An example response could look like this
    "messageId": "942b0aa0-79d4-46a7-a973-47573fa19543"

Workflow application configuration

Application properties can be initialized from environment variables before running the application:

Environment variableDescriptionMandatory
SN_SERVERThe ServiceNow server URL
SERVICENOW_USERNAMEThe ServiceNow server username
SERVICENOW_PASSWORDThe ServiceNow server password

How to run

Start the workflow application

mvn clean quarkus:dev

Trigger/start the workflow

# This is a request sent to the workflow instance
CREATE_CR_RESP=$(curl -XPOST -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:8080/servicenow-escalation -d '{
    "description": "<ServiceNow change request description>",
    "short_description": "<ServiceNow change request short_description>",
    "comments": "<ServiceNow change request comments>",
    "state": "new",
    "assigned_to": "<ServiceNow Approver user sys_id> e.g. 950597b6973002102425b39fe153af41",
    "additional_assignee_list": "<ServiceNow Approver user sys_id> e.g. 950597b6973002102425b39fe153af41",
    "assignment_group": "<ServiceNow Approver group sys_id> e.g. e50597b6973002102425b39fe153afb2",
    "sn_url": "https://<ServiceNow URL>"
echo $CREATE_CR_RESP |  jq '.';
  • You should see a response similar to the following, which provides newly create change request information.
  "id": "99203918-3e8c-46a6-ba43-9a025172f8c2",
  "workflowdata": {
    "description": "Requester requesting an item",
    "short_description": "Requester requesting an item in short",
    "comments": "Requester requesting an item in comments",
    "state": "new",
    "assigned_to": "950597b6973002102425b39fe153af41",
    "additional_assignee_list": "950597b6973002102425b39fe153af41",
    "assignment_group": "e50597b6973002102425b39fe153afb2",
    "createdChangeRequest": {
      "result": {
        "sys_id": "6dfa4ff7973002102425b39fe153afed",
        "state": "-5",
        "number": "CHG0030045"
  • From the response above extract the sys_id of the newly created change request.
CREATED_CR_SYS_ID=$( jq -r  '.workflowdata.createdChangeRequest.result.sys_id' <<< "${CREATE_CR_RESP}" );
echo "${CREATED_CR_SYS_ID}";
  • Trigger the newly created change request for approval by changing its state to assessment state.
TRIGGER_CR_CMD="curl --location --request PUT '${CREATED_CR_SYS_ID}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic <your auth header value>' \
--data '{
    \"state\": \"-4\",
    \"approval\": \"requested\"

eval $TRIGGER_CR_CMD | jq '.';
  • Wait for a minute or two before proceeding to the next step, to view notifications created by the workflow, to remind the approver to approve the created change request.

    • In the current implementation this reminder is generated every 30s by the workflow.
  • After this wait, login to notifications service’s postgres database console.

  • You will see reminder notification(s) created by Notifications service as shown in the following example.

                  id                  |                               message                               
 8a3c945d-9009-4188-a28e-17ceee853a99 | Manager, please approve the change request: CHG0030045

End the workflow by approving the change request

  • Login to the ServiceNow instance UI with manager user and credentials.
  • Click All -> My Approvals menu item, in the resulting list, click the change request that was created.
  • In the change request detail screen, set the State to Approved and click Update.
  • As the change request is approved, you will see a thank you notification created by Notifications service as shown in the following example. Note: this may appear after a few seconds, as the workflow needs to wait for completion of the timeout event of 30s, before this notification is created.
                  id                  |                               message                               
 3e9cd0a6-c4c8-4ea1-973a-dbb063279397 | Manager, thanks a ton for approving the change request: CHG0030045


  • Visit Workflow Instances
  • Visit (Data Index Query Service)[http://localhost:8080/q/graphql-ui/]

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