With Custom Code

Assessment workflow with custom code

This assessment workflow uses jq expression to evaluate a user’s input text (inputText) in order to provide recommendation of the suitable infrastructure workflow options.

For simplicity sake, the assessment here consists of checking if inputText contains the keyword dummy and returns the dummy-infra-workflow-option as infrastructure workflow options.

Note: this example assumes that the dummy infrastructure workflow options dummy-infra-workflow-option provided with the core workflow is deployed and up-and-running otherwise it will be filtered out from the precheck subflow upon assessment execution.

Workflow diagram

Assessment workflow diagram

Assessment logic

The assessment logic is implemented in AssessmentWithCustomCode class and execute function as follows:

if (inputText.toLowerCase().contains("dummy")) { // basic check for infrastructure workflow options recommendation
    workflowOptions.setCurrentVersion(new WorkflowOption("dummy-infra-workflow-option", "Dummy infra workflow option"));
    return workflowOptions;

How to run

mvn clean quarkus:dev

Example of POST to trigger the flow:

curl -XPOST -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:8080/assessment-with-custom-code -d '{"inputText": "_YOUR_DUMMY_TEXT_"}'


  "workflowdata": {
    "result": {...},
    "preCheck": {...},
    "inputText": "_YOUR_DUMMY_TEXT_",
    "workflowOptions": {
      "newOptions": [],
      "otherOptions": [],
      "currentVersion": {
        "id": "dummy-infra-workflow-option",
        "name": "Dummy infra workflow option"
      "upgradeOptions": [],
      "migrationOptions": [],
      "continuationOptions": []

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