Quick Start

Quickstart Guide

This quickstart guide will help you install the Orchestrator using the helm chart and execute a sample workflow through the Red Hat Developer Hub orchestrator plugin UI.

  1. Install Orchestrator: Follow the installation instructions for Orchestrator.

  2. Install a sample workflow: Follow the installation instructions for the greetings workflow.

  3. Access Red Hat Developer Hub: Open your web browser and navigate to the Red Hat Developer Hub application. Retrieve the URL using the following OpenShift CLI command.

    oc get route backstage-backstage -n rhdh-operator -o jsonpath='{.spec.host}'

    Make sure the route is accessible to you locally.

  4. Login to backstage Login to backstage with the Guest account.

  5. Navigate to Orchestrator: Navigate to the Orchestrator page by clicking on the Orchestrator icon in the left navigation menu. orchestratorIcon

  6. Execute Greeting Workflow: Click on the ‘Execute’ button in the ACTIONS column of the Greeting workflow. workflowsPage The ‘Run workflow’ page will open. Click ‘Next step’ and then ‘Run’ executePageNext executePageRun

  7. Monitor Workflow Status: Wait for the status of the Greeting workflow execution to become Completed. This may take a moment. workflowCompleted

Last modified June 12, 2024: Link to installation docs broken (a97b916)