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In addition to deploying the Orchestrator, we provide several preconfigured workflows that serve either as ready-to-use solutions or as starting points for customizing workflows according to the user’s requirements. These workflows can be installed either through a Helm chart or by utilizing Kustomize.

1 - Deploy From Helm Repository

Orchestrator Workflows Helm Repository

This repository serves as a Helm chart repository for deploying serverless workflows with the Sonataflow Operator. It encompasses a collection of pre-defined workflows, each tailored to specific use cases. These workflows have undergone thorough testing and validation through Continuous Integration (CI) processes and are organized according to their chart versions.

The repository includes a variety of serverless workflows, such as:

  • Greeting: A basic example workflow to demonstrate functionality.
  • Migration Toolkit for Application Analysis (MTA): This workflow evaluates applications to determine potential risks and the associated costs of containerizing the applications.
  • Move2Kube: Designed to facilitate the transition of an application to Kubernetes (K8s) environments.



To utilize the workflows contained in this repository, the Orchestrator Deployment must be installed on your OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) cluster. For detailed instructions on installing the Orchestrator, please visit the Orchestrator Helm Repository

Note With the existing version of the Orchestrator helm chart, all workflows should be created under the sonataflow-infra namespace.


helm repo add orchestrator-workflows

View available workflows on the Helm repository:

helm search repo orchestrator-workflows

The expected result should look like (with different versions):

NAME                            	CHART VERSION	APP VERSION	DESCRIPTION                                      
orchestrator-workflows/greeting 	0.4.2        	1.16.0     	A Helm chart for the greeting serverless workflow
orchestrator-workflows/move2kube	0.2.16       	1.16.0     	A Helm chart to deploy the move2kube workflow.   
orchestrator-workflows/mta      	0.2.16       	1.16.0     	A Helm chart for MTA serverless workflow         
orchestrator-workflows/workflows	0.2.24       	1.16.0     	A Helm chart for serverless workflows

You can install each workflow separately. For detailed information, please visit the page of each workflow:

Helm index

2 - Deploy From Kustomize

Deploy workflows by Kustomize

The workflows can be deployed by Kustomize.

Under each workflow folder, there is a README file with detailed instructions on how to install the workflow separately.