Orchestrator on Kubernetes

The following guide is for installing on a Kubernetes cluster. It is well tested and working in CI with a kind installation.

Here’s a kind configuration that is easy to work with (the apiserver port is static, so the kubeconfig is always the same)

kind: Cluster
apiVersion: kind.x-k8s.io/v1alpha4
  apiServerAddress: ""
  apiServerPort: 16443
  - role: control-plane
    - |
      kind: InitConfiguration
          node-labels: "ingress-ready=true"      
      - containerPort: 80
        hostPort: 9090
        protocol: TCP
      - containerPort: 443
        hostPort: 9443
        protocol: TCP
  - role: worker

Save this file as kind-config.yaml, and now run:

kind create --config kind-config.yaml
kubectl apply -f https://projectcontour.io/quickstart/contour.yaml
kubectl patch daemonsets -n projectcontour envoy -p '{"spec":{"template":{"spec":{"nodeSelector":{"ingress-ready":"true"},"tolerations":[{"key":"node-role.kubernetes.io/control-plane","operator":"Equal","effect":"NoSchedule"},{"key":"node-role.kubernetes.io/master","operator":"Equal","effect":"NoSchedule"}]}}}}'

The cluster should be up and running with Contour ingress-controller installed, so localhost:9090 will direct the traffic to backstage, because of the ingress created by the helm chart on port 80.

Orchestrator-k8s helm chart

This chart will install the Orchestrator and all its dependencies on kubernetes. It is well suited for dev/QE/test or resource-constrained environments.

The chart deploys:

  • Janus-IDP
  • Serverless Workflows Operator (see sonata-serverless-operator.yaml)
  • knative serving
  • Knative eventing
  • Serverless Workflows (optional)


helm repo add orchestrator https://parodos-dev.github.io/orchestrator-helm-chart

helm install orchestrator orchestrator-k8s


git clone https://github.com/parodos-dev.github.io/orchestrator-helm-chart
cd orchestrator-helm-chart/charts/orchestrator-k8s

helm dependencies build
helm install orchestrator . -f values.yaml 

The output should look like that

$ helm install orchestrator .
Release "orchestrator" has been upgraded. Happy Helming!
NAME: orchestrator
LAST DEPLOYED: Tue Sep 19 18:19:07 2023
NAMESPACE: default
STATUS: deployed
This chart will install Janus-IDP + Serverless Workflows.

It is under development and meant for non-prod environment for now

To get Jauns-IDP's route location:
    $ oc get route orchestrator-white-backstage -o jsonpath='https://{ .spec.host }{"\n"}'

To get the serverless workflow operator status:
    $ oc get deploy -n sonataflow-operator-system 

To get the serverless workflow status:
    $ oc get sf starter 

The chart notes will provide more information on:

  • route location of backstage
  • the sonata operator status
  • the sonata workflow deployed status